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Cultivi granular

Cultivi MO Activ is an organic fertilizer from the controlled fermentation of sheep manure. Its use promotes and stabilizes the structure of the soil, improving light soils as heavy. It also promotes aeration and water retention, increasing microbial life, releasing and making available to the plant a variety of trace elements.

Cultivi MO Activ contains no seeds, weeds, fungal pathogens or stones normally found in traditional sheep fertilizers


Guaranteed Riches:

  • Total organic matter: 54.4% s.m.s
  • Oxidizable organic matter: 41.0% s.m.s.
  • Total humic extract: 12% s.m.s
  • Humic acids: 9% s.m.s
  • Fulvic acids: 3% s.m.s
  • Total nitrogen: 3% s.m.s
  • Organic nitrogen: 3% s.m.s
  • Total phosphorus (P2O 5): 2.5% s.m.s
  • Total potash (K2O): 2.5% s.m.s
  • Total microorganisms: 8.7 x 109 mcg/*gr
  • C/N ratio: 11
  • pH: 7
  • Maximum humidity: 15%


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