Pellet Formulation

It is an organic fertilizer that comes from the controlled fermentation of sheep manure. Its use favors and stabilizes the soil structure, improving light and heavy soils. Improves aeration and water retention; increases microbial life, releasing and making many trace elements available to plants.

Contains no seeds, no weeds, no pathogenic fungi, no stones normally found in traditional sheep manure.

Guaranteed Riches:

Total organic matter: 54.40% sms
Oxidizable organic matter: 41.00% sms
Total humic extract: 12% sms
Humic Acids: 9%
Sms and Fulvic Acids: 3% sms
Total nitrogen: 3% sms
Phosphorus Oxide (P2O5): 2.5% sms
Potassium Oxide (K2O): 2.5% sms
C/N ratio = 11
pH = 7
Maximum humidity: 15%

Certificate in Organic Agriculture by CAAE