100% natural mineral physical barrier

It is a product based on Talc E55b specially developed and formulated for foliar applications in agriculture.

White Protect investment provides double protection and helps fight against:

*Abiotic stress related to the effect of sunburn (scalds, sunburn) in arboriculture.
*Biotic stress related to fungal attacks (arboriculture and vines) and pest attacks in arboriculture.

Uses and dosage as a physical barrier and sunburn:

50 Kg/Ha from the fruit sensitivity stage
50 Kg/Ha at 3-4 weeks later

Renewal at 25 Kg/Ha according to weather conditions and harvest date.

Uses and dosage as fungicide and insect repellent:

As an insect repellent: On olive fly, peach tree thrips and pear tree psyllid at a rate of 25 Kg/Ha in the first application and 20 Kg/Ha in subsequent applications.
As fungifuge: On tree scab at 15 Kg/Ha and on powdery mildew on vines at 15 Kg/Ha (2 to 5 times to modulate depending on pressure).

Minimum spray volume:

600 L/Ha in arboriculture and 150 L/Ha in vineyard